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Seniors-with-attitude about Romney, Ryan
star in outrageous Michael Moore video

If you think Mendacious Mitt Romney, his Ayn Rand acolyte running mate and vote-suppressing Republicans everywhere deserve a gut-punch satirical video to deflate their hot-air-propelled campaigning and dirty tricks, you’re not alone.

Michael Moore to the rescue, with a brief, wickedly funny production featuring several Greatest Generation seniors who have a few choice — and really raunchy — words for the GOP’s dishonest duo.

Be warned, this is hard-R stuff, not suitable for work or when smallfry are looking over your shoulder. It’s crude, rude and hilarious. So, having been warned, enjoy.



Whew, that’s telling ’em! We wish Moore would do a sequel with an equally punchy message for mean-mouthed Romney surrogate John Sununu.



  1. Jack Jodell says:

    HAAAA – HAAAAA!!! That was hilarious, and thanks for sharing it, S.W.!

  2. Tom Harper says:

    Excellent. Hope this reaches a lot of people.

  3. T. Paine says:

    Yeah, that was really classy and definitely helps to add constructive debate to our voting process. That is almost as effective and classy as the young woman “doing it for the first time” with Obama ad. Wow. Talk about adding dignity to the office of the presidency. Why am I not surprised though.

    As for these older folks in the video, they have every right to espouse their opinions and vote for whom they wish, but they ought to be ashamed with their video here. Perhaps dementia can be blamed, althought that sure as hell doesn’t explain why everyone that is voting for this pathetic commander in chief we currently have occupying the oval office is doing so.

    Mr. Anderson, you are typically a serious guy, and although we differ on our politics, I expected more from you, sir. You would have been outraged had a Romney surrogate produced such a vile and useless video, and rightly so. Not that my opinion matters a whit to you, but I am dissapointed, sir.

  4. S.W. Anderson says:

    Jack, Tom, glad you enjoyed it.

    Paine, you must be a puritan. You know what that means? Just in case, let me give you the official definition: “A puritan is a person who is afraid that somewhere, somehow, someone is having a good time.”

    Try to lighten up.

  5. jim marquis says:

    Funny stuff. Wish the Republicans were as offended by Romney, Ryan and Rove’s lies as they are by Democratic humor.

  6. T. Paine says:

    Mr. Anderson, I don’t understand. It is okay for Moore and his foul-mouthed seniors to produce such an ad, but it is an affront to decency for Clint Eastwood to criticize Obama as an empty chair.

    You seemed to take great offense to that, as I recall. Why the seemingly double standard there, sir? After all, Eastwood never used expletives in his humorous routine. I would be willing to bet a lot more kids will see that ad of Moore’s than actually sat down and watched the Republican convention and saw Eastwood, so I don’t buy that as an excuse.

  7. S.W. Anderson says:

    jim, any Republicans with the temerity to object to all the lying would be drummed out of the ranks faster than you can say “anything to win.”

    Paine, Moore’s video wasn’t shown on national TV during the Dem convention, at a time when many young people were watching. If it had been, I would’ve condemned doing that. It isn’t an “ad” being run on TV and the Democratic Party has nothing to do with it. Eastwood’s routine was crude and not only disrespectful of Obama personally, but of the office he holds. If all that isn’t enough difference for you, so be it.

    Let me suggest that your righteous indignation might better be directed toward voter-suppression efforts going on all over the country and toward a candidate who can’t get through a day without lying. Neither sets a good example for young people.

  8. Dave Dubya says:

    I’m disappointed, but not surprised, TP has so little respect for the opinions of people who endured the Republican Great Depression and WWII. These are the ones he should be listening to, instead of Limbaugh and Beck, about FDR, the CCC, WPA, and the GI Bill, all of which provided a legacy of public projects and a middle class we enjoy today.

    How one can imagine a priviliged aristocratic elite snob having any compassion or understanding of most Americans’ circumstances is beyond me. But they do so repeatedly. Romney is another Bush Jr. in all the relevant ways. He would finish the dismantling of public safety nets and programs, and hand them over to insurance companies for fun and profit.

    They are not “taking America back”, they are taking America away from us.

    1. S.W. Anderson says:

      Dave, your last line says it all. The scary part is they’re well down that road already. Another Bush-grade useful idiot could be all that’s needed for them to take it all the way. They’re not known as banana Republicans for nothing.

  9. Octopus says:

    More than a few choice words, the cephalopods are rising in anger too. Earlier today, I contacted a lawyer and a few like-minded inhabitants of the reef to start a class action lawsuit against my voting district and the State of Florida. Cause celebre? Election fraud and vote suppression.

    If the voters of Flori-Duh are stupid enough to elect a Medicare crook for governor and a former war criminal for Congress, then it is time to make them pay damages for their stupidity.

    Let the backlash begin !!!

  10. Octopus says:

    More details about the proposed class action lawsuit:

    It will claim damages as follows:
    The total number of voters participating in the election on Tuesday
    Times …
    The average wage per hour per voter
    Times …
    An estimated 5 hour wait time per voter (representing compensatory damages)
    Times …
    A factor of ten (representing punitive damages).

    The computed amount will then be rebated back to voters as compensation for their economic loss (i.e. taking off from work in order to vote) plus punitive damages for wasting their time.

  11. Octopus says:

    Oh! Yes! I forgot to add one more point. I am contributing $1,000 of my own money plus 10 bushels of crustaceans to the cause.

  12. S.W. Anderson says:

    Octopus, good for you and your fellow reefers.* Somehwere, somehow, a court date awaits Florida’s obscene excuse for a governor, and it won’t be a civil proceeding. He might want to have a tailored Day-Glo orange jumpsuit handy in his closet at all times. If there’s any justice left in this country, he’ll need it.

    Let me suggest that when you discuss this with your attorney, the possibility of claiming misfeasance should be brought up. I hope you all pursue your case, win big and cause chrome dome as much grief as he has caused hundreds of thousands of Floridians whose race, ethnicity and presumed voting preference he has a problem with.

    The ultimate remedy is to have the Florida Legislature pass statewide standards for numbers of voting locations, machines and poll workers per 10,000 population. Another bill should establish early voting days and hours. Of course, Scott would veto both. The remedy for that is either vote out a lot of GOP legislators and replace them with Dems, or seek imposition of such rules in federal court.

    *Sorry, I couldn’t resist. 🙂

  13. Octopus says:

    Reefer Madness: To celebrate our victory (post election), you are all invited over to my place for stegosaurus steaks and spiced crustaceans. Bring wine (and let the right wing crazies whine).

  14. Shaw Kenawe says:

    Congratulations to President Obama and the Democrats! And also to the brilliant Nate Silver, who called it correctly AGAIN.

    To the rightwing pundits: FAIL. I’m especially looking at that jackass, Dick Morris. They’ve all been living in a gigantic bubble, not seeing that this country is changing.

    One really sad comment I read on a conservative blog: “It’s not our country anymore.”

    It never occured to that person that America would welcome and open up her arms to immigrants who would become “our country.” Their sense that the entire country embraced their faith, values, and ideology was completely shattered when they saw their fellow Americans give Mr. Obama a second term. Their news outlets, radio hate jocks, and bloggers kept them in a fantasy world believing everyone thought just like them, and that their ideology was America’s ideology.

    They’re feeling despondent and frightened. Just go read what they’re writing.

    So sad.

  15. Jolly Roger says:

    We got it done. And they’ve gone completely off the rails. I do not look forward to Obama’s second term, because they’re almost certainly going to pull the same shit they pulled on Clinton. They are incapable of accepting any election result but the one they pre-ordain.

  16. S.W. Anderson says:

    Octopus, it truly is cause for celebration.

    Shaw, it’s unfortunate that the paranoid, bigoted and/or selfish portion of the population sees pursuing and achieving the American dream as a zero-sum proposition, such that when dark-skinned newcomers gain, whites whose great-great whatevers came here generations ago somehow lose. Some are so ignorant and paranoid that seeing a few signs in English and Español in the county courthouse has them out demanding official-language measures. GOP pols pander to them for political gain, so their “news” sources do likewise. It’s sick and sickening.
    Attn: Bill O’Reilly.

    J.R., you could be right; that would fit their M.O. They had better be careful what they wish for. A President Biden could end up being a tougher opponent than Obama, and being the incumbent could make him even harder to beat if he were to seek eight years in the White House himself.