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Rep. Joe ‘misogynist’ Walsh, goodbye and good riddance

While Republican pols, pundits, strategists, propagandists, apologists and failed candidates blame everyone and everything but themselves for their Nov. 12 6 election debacle, we will offer two of many reasons: ignorance and misogyny.


Rep. Joe Walsh

Voters of Illinois’ 8th Congressional District gave Rep. Joe Walsh the boot Nov. 6. / DCCC


That, from self-styled medical expert, board-certified deadbeat dad and soon to be ex-Rep. Joe Walsh, tea party Republican of Illinois. He should have to explain the impossibility of women dying during pregnancy and childbirth to John Weaver of Milo, Iowa.


Wife’s death leaves husband with 3 kids
KCCI Des Moines, Nov. 12, 2012

MILO, Iowa — A mother dies while giving birth, leaving behind her husband with a newborn and two other young children.
Almost a decade ago, John Weaver took a trip to Honduras that would forever change his life.

“(Reina) was his translator. They just kind of fell for each other, and it’s fate,” said Weaver’s niece, Rhonda Pearson.

“There are some married couples that are married, and they’re OK. Then, there are others that just can’t make it without the other,” said Weaver’s mother, Sandra Weaver.

On Oct. 14, as the family welcomed their third child, complications during childbirth changed everything, and Weaver’s family has had to say goodbye to the woman they considered the backbone of the family.

“He’s lost without his other half. He’s lost without his best friend,” Pearson said.


Then there’s this sad current-news item from Laguna Niguel, Calif.


Local Band Joint Committe will play on Friday at Fratellos’s in honor of Megan Gerhard-Weisberg, 31, of Laguna Niguel. She died in March of a rare reaction called amniotic fluid embolism, leaves behind two sons.


Last but not least, you might have heard of the tragic, needless death last month of Savita Halappanavar in Ireland.


Prime Minister Enda Kenny said he was awaiting findings from three investigations into the death of Savita Halappanavar, a 31-year-old Indian woman who was 17 weeks pregnant. Her case highlighted the legal limbo in which pregnant women facing severe health problems can find themselves in predominantly Catholic Ireland.

Ireland’s constitution officially bans abortion, but a 1992 Supreme Court ruling found the procedure should be legalized for situations when the woman’s life is at risk from continuing the pregnancy. Five governments since have refused to pass a law resolving the confusion, leaving Irish hospitals reluctant to terminate pregnancies except in the most obviously life-threatening circumstances.

The vast bulk of Irish women wanting abortions, an estimated 4,000 per year, simply travel next door to England, where abortion has been legal on demand since 1967. But that option is difficult, if not impossible, for women in failing health.

Halappanavar’s husband, Praveen, said doctors at University Hospital Galway in western Ireland determined she was miscarrying within hours of her hospitalization for severe pain on Sunday, Oct. 21. He said over the next three days, doctors refused their requests for an abortion to combat her surging pain and fading health.


On behalf of sane, civilized, educated and decent people all over America, we thank the voters of Illinois’ 8th District for denying Walsh another term in Congress. His loutish rendition of public service was a blight, even on a Congress with the lowest public approval ratings in U.S. history.

Walsh would do well to use the free time he has coming up to seek counseling and remedial education.

People in other congressional districts and states all over the country who have elected Walsh-grade tea party jerks to the House and Senate would do well to send them packing in 2014.



  1. The worst part about this joker is that so many young people will hear “Joe Walsh” and think of this guy instead of the legendary frontman of the James Gang.

  2. Tom Harper says:

    These news items are tragic and moving. Unfortunately they won’t have any affect on Joe Walsh and his fellow snake-handling inbreds.

  3. jim marquis says:

    I was always struck by the basic human difference between this douchebag and his heroic war veteran political opponent. So glad he’s out of there.

  4. Demeur says:

    I seem to recall Walsh ranting rather rudely when a constituent asked him a question at a restaurant a while back. Nothing better than to insult those that have the power to elect you was my thought.

  5. S.W. Anderson says:

    Randal, I agree most will think of this guy, but disagree about that being the worst part. The worst part was that anyone ever saw fit to vote for this guy.

    Tom, alas, you’re right. Anyone convinced God is on their side in a matter like this is impervious to reason, facts or the slightest self doubt. That makes them dangerous, IMO.

    jim, there is truly no comparison. Duckworth should make a very good representative. But the odds are that anyone pulled off the street at random would probably have made a better public servant than Walsh.

    Demeur, you can read about that and much more in my May 16 post. It gives a much fuller profile of Walsh, leaving any reasonable person to wonder how and why anyone ever voted for him. My condemnation of him isn’t just politics. He seemingly has no redeeming qualities as a person. He’s a lout, a bully, a financially irresponsible self-styled fiscal conservative — and a prototypical tea party pol.

  6. Octopus says:

    If Joe Walsh did go gentle into that good night,
    Allan West still burns and rages at the dying of the right.

  7. Dave Dubya says:

    ‘Life’s Been Too Good For Him So Far”

  8. S.W. Anderson says:

    Octopus, well and poetically said.

    Dave, not as much as you might think. Earlier this year he was said to be about $387,000 in debt. Not all that fiscally conservative in his own affairs.

  9. Octopus says:

    An off topic comment …

    Earlier today, my kids told me to go stuff it, so I am off to the kitchen now with 2 boxes of Stove Top.

    I am now the center of gravity for my family – the one around whom everyone congregates (and sometimes aggravates) – so tomorrow I will be flinging the bird (sliced turkey) to everyone.

    If a very large bird appears at your window on Thanksgiving Day, have no fear. Its probably a peeping tom. Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. S.W. Anderson says:

      LOL, a very happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Octopus. And, don’t let the tryptophan get you. 😉

  10. Wendy says:

    Tomorrow will be the first anniversary of my cousin Michal Friedman’s death after giving birth to twins. No one can tell our family there is no danger to women today. Good riddance, Joe Walsh.

  11. tim woods says:

    A return to sanity by the voters of his state. I feel so much more optimistc about the country since the last election cycle.

    I know there are plenty of more battles to be fought, and Obama must pass some jobs bills similar in scope and effectiveness as FDR did during the 30’s.

    But there is hope . . . oh, haven’t I heard that before . . .

  12. S.W. Anderson says:

    Wendy, my sincere sympathies for your loss. Especially good riddance to Walsh for the added outrage and hurt his ignorant bloviating has caused you and, I’m sure, many others. There is no excuse for it.

    tim woods, Obama and our other elected officials need to hear from people who voted with hope for change and expect them to deliver. The other side will prod with hundreds of millions, maybe billions, spent on lobbying. You and I can help counter that with a letter or phone call to both your senators and to your representative from time to time. Democracy in a country like ours isn’t just set it and forget it. We must keep on top of it, and prod them. Money talks, but so does public sentiment.

  13. Octopus says:


    I’m sending the rugrats home with a double espresso, a puppy and a drum.

  14. Jack Jodell says:

    Walsh is your typically narrow-minded nd absolutist, hateful Tea Party member who is also quite hypocritical. For, while he is a fierce hater of big government, he sees no problem with the government making restrictive laws regarding women’s health issues. Not only that, he is an abusive, deadbeat dad as well. Good riddance, Walsh, and we’re glad to have you off of the public payroll!

  15. S.W. Anderson says:

    Octopus, sometimes kindness is the best revenge , eh? 🙂

    Jack, no redeeming qualities at all. A prototypical tea party ignoramus and bully. I only hope the rest get unelected in 2014, but that’s probably too much to hope for.